Friday, 23 March 2012

Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation

[PM of Malaysia]

On January 11, 2011 Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) is established.  The establishment of MNPC is under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).  The announcement of the MNPC is been made by the government in the third update of ETP [2]. Basically, ETP is comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high income nation by 2020.

Dr. Mohd Zamzam bin Jaafar has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of MNPC.  The main objective of MNPC is supearhead tstudy on deployment of he Nuclear power plants in Malaysia.   MNPC is planning based on the current timeline which are between 11 to 12 years [1].  The planning phases from pre-project to commissioning.

In addition, the activities that are related to the MNPC as below:

  1. Siting, feasibility study, tender, HRD
  2. Public information/ Public acceptance (PI/PA)
  3. Drafting of regulatory framework
  4. Updating ministries, media and think-tank

"It is fundamental to attracting new investments 
as well as encouraging existing industries
 to expand into high value added activities." 
Dr. Mohd Zamzam bin Jaafar, CEO of Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation.

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  2. Malaysia's Nuclear Company (2011).  World Nuclear News, from World Wide web:

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